New Trend: Thigh Gap Jewelry 

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Nothing surprises me these days. From butt injections to using makeup to contour stomach abs, we live in a time where women will do anything to attain “beauty”. So when I saw that a designer created jewelry for thigh gaps, I didn’t even blink twice. I was more curious than anything.

The thigh gap has been upheld as a sign of beauty years but the amount of thigh gap surgeries grew to an all-time high last year after Beyonce posted photos of her natural thigh gap.

Thigh Gap jewelry, Tgap, was created to accentuate the gap in between a woman’s thighs. The cool thing about this jewelry is that it’s fake! Tgap, designer Soo Kyung Bae, created the fake, thigh gap jewelry to show how ridiculous the trend is. Her website features chains worn around the legs with a pendant to hang between the thighs, decorating your gap. When you try to add one of the chains to your cart, though, the truth pops up.

TGap’s mission is to “catalyze a debate on the unrealistic body image social media portrays.” The page explains the mission of TGap, stats on body image, and links to get help if you are suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Nice! What do you think about Soo Kyung Bae’s marketing strategy to promote the conversation of positive body imagery for women?

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