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Hair Envy: @yariszbeth

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Full Name: Yarisbeth Itzel Donaldson

Instagram Handle: @yariszbeth

Hometown: Panama City, Panama

Current City/State or Country of Residence: Brooklyn, NY

  1. How long have you been living The Cut Life? — I have been living the cut life for about 2 years now. I started over about twice so I would consider this to be a new start. I started clipping my ends every four months and treating my hair the proper way. My hair has never been healthier!
  2. What are your go-to hair essentials for maintaining your cut & style? — My go to hair style is usually my signature puff! When I feel like it, I’ll take the time to do twist outs, which are a pain in the ass cause it takes so long! Haha but I love the after results so it’s sooo worth it!
  3. What are your beauty and makeup must have products? — Must have makeup product is Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and brow gel! It’s seriously the greatest stuff on the planet. It’s waterproof, and the colors match perfectly. Also, a beauty blender and MAC #224 blending brush. It’s the key to success! 
  4. What is your current occupation and what are your career goals and aspirations? — I’m currently a freelance makeup artist and an educator you can say. I do one on one lessons and I also hold makeup seminars. My goal is to release my first lash brand that is suitable for all eye shapes and sizes.
  5. What is a hobby or interest that people would be surprised to know you have? — I watch anime every single day and cosplay from time to time. I also play video games including Rockband and Guitar Hero where I would record myself to post online so people from all over the world could see my skills!
  6. What quote or piece of advice do you live by?  — “Love yourself first”  – “Don’t announce things prematurely until you’re sure”
  7. What would you say to a woman who is thinking about cutting her hair for the first time? — Just go for it. From my experience, I was tired of transitioning and I went on that chair and cut everything off without hesitation. Don’t be discouraged about curl pattern. As your hair grows, the curl pattern will come to life. I was concerned as to why I wasn’t seeing any curls until I stared clipping my ends and watching it grow. Don’t think just do!! At the end of the day, natural is the way to go. It’s so versatile and you can rock any look you want and still be beautiful! Be fierce xoxo


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