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Hair Envy: @blakevond

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Full Name: Blake

Instagram Handle: @blakevond

Hometown: Macon, GA

Current City/State or Country of Residence: Chicago, IL


  1. How long have you been living The Cut Life? —  I big chopped in 2009. I decided to take the drastic step, as opposed to transitioning, in order to force myself out of my comfort zone and usher myself into a stage of growth and self-confidence. Prior to that, I’d worn weaves. However, for me (and it’s important that I make that distinction as I know this is not the case for all women), I wore weave as a way of hiding myself from the world. It was my continually failing attempt at trying to “look pretty” instead of actually feeling pretty and worthy…from the inside out. For many years, I questioned whether other people would like or accept what was underneath the weave, but more tragically, I questioned whether I liked what was underneath. (To be fair, my hair and weave weren’t the only sources of my lack of confidence, but it was a big piece of it). One day, I woke up and realized that I was tired of carrying around that burden and that it was time to do something about it. I walked into a barbershop and demanded that the next barber with a free chair chop off all my hair. I felt so free, safe and authentically myself afterwards that I’ve never looked back.
  2. What are your go-to hair essentials for maintaining your cut & style? — Being a bottle blonde, I live and breathe toner and purple shampoo. Both products keep my hair from getting brassy and turning a not-so-flattering shade of orange. My favorite toner is Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow and, for purple shampoo, I use Clairol’s Shimmer Lights.
  3. What are your beauty and makeup must have products? — I’m pretty amateur when it comes to makeup. I can do just the basics on myself. (Although my personal goal for 2016 is to learn to slay like an MUA). But with that in mind, I love a good longwear foundation that can withstand my oily skin—my go-to’s are L’Oreal True Match & Black Opal Liquid Foundation.
  4. What is your current occupation and what are your career goals and aspirations? — I am currently a full-time blogger. However, I just recently graduated from law school and my ultimate career aspiration is to have my own brand management agency where I would marry my legal and intellectual property background with my love for the creative arts in order to help entrepreneurs and budding brand owners establish and protect their identity in the market.”
  5. What is a hobby or interest that people would be surprised to know you have? — I really enjoy upcycling and revamping furniture. I’m constantly making trips to the thrift store to scout for furniture that has seen better days in order to give it a much needed facelift. It’s so gratifying to admire the final transformation.
  6. What quote or piece of advice do you live by? — “I do not intend to tip toe through life, only to arrive safely at death.”
  7. What would you say to a woman who is thinking about cutting her hair for the first time? — DO IT! It’s honestly one of the most liberating feelings you will ever experience. It’s hair…it grows back. But every woman should know the freedom of short hair at least once in her life.

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