Square Face: Best Haircuts & Hair Tips 

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If you’re curious on what exactly a square face is, you’ve came to the right place. In order to determine if you have a square face here is a detailed description on what exactly it means:

Square face shapes showcases the width and the length to be equal. Additionally, if you have this face shape you have a remarkable jawline, a great hairline, and fullness below the cheekbones.

Having a square face shape is nothing to be embarrassed or insecure about, you should embrace and love it for it’s uniqueness. But if you want to play your face shape up all you need to do is diffuse the four corners. Now this isn’t anything complicated but much rather simple. Here are a few ideas that you can try to rock your face shape with beautiful confidence.


Side Swept Bangs
: What other way to have banging bangs than to have them swept to the side. I’m a huge fan of these sultry bangs because they draw all the attention to your eyes versus your jawline. So apply a cute cat eye, mascara, or a smoky eye and get ready to have all eyes on you. Celebrities such as Olivia Wilde show a great example on how you can apply this look.



LOB: My all time favorite hairstyle! You can never go wrong with a nice lob.  If you want to go edgier a slight angled lob will definitely work in your favor. A angled lob causes the weight of your hair to be heavier. Allowing the heaviness of the hair to lay down closer to your face!


Center Part: Who doesn’t love a good center part ever once in awhile? A center part isn’t only flattering but it does a great job of concealing the corners of your square shape. Another flattering look is an off center part, this creates the illusion of a round face.



Short Tapered Cut: If you’re looking to really send a bold statement with your face shape try rocking a sheared tapered cut! Celebrity, Miley Cyrus is showcasing the perfect example due to her highlight at the top. That way this look appears to come off as a rectangular shape rather than a square and gives you a longer face.



Chin Length CutThis cut just screams sexy! The length of the bang hits perfectly and accentuates the chin. It’s also a daring cut when you create a deep part partnered by an excellent color choice. 



Voluminous BobVolume speaks volume and causes heads to turn when you incorporate it in a bob. The look creates inward and outward waves that diffuses the corner of the jawline.


Still wondering square is your face shape? Check out our previous post on the “Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape”! At the end of the day, no matter the shape, it’s your own personal style that can make or break the look. Play it up and have fun, be edgy and daring if you want to! You hold all the confidence in your hands, go for it girl!


Live. Love. Laugh. GROW!

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