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Ask The Expert – I Think I Over Permed My Hair!

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Q via @belle_est1988: “I think I over permed my hair from a pixie cut so I’m trying to grow it out. I have coarse hair and it won’t lay flat unless permed every 2 wks – any suggestions?”

A: First of all, I don’t think anyone should relax their hair every two weeks. This will definitely cause the hair to become over processed and can lead to severe damage. Many short hair clients get partial relaxers every four weeks to smooth out the sides and back only, allowing more fullness in the crown. I suggest that you get biweekly deep conditioning treatments or use a leave in conditioner. I also encourage all of my clients to sleep on a silk pillowcase nightly to protect edges and to maintain style.


About The Expert: Paula Lundy – @paulahair

87682425-0f1b-4543-bec6-dc11ffe837b8I am originally from Va. Beach, VA and a graduate of Paul Mitchell The School in Memphis, TN. I began my professional career in Atlanta about 5 years ago. I am currently a master stylist at Salon 611 in Atlanta specializing in short hair cuts and styles.






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