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Ask The Expert: Is It Better To Cut Hair When It’s Wet Or Dry?

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Q via @simeslh: With natural hair, is it better to cut the ends with the
hair being dry or wet?

A: With the coarseness of our hair, I prefer to cut dry. Cutting the ends dry you are able to see exactly what the split ends are so you have more of a precise cut. Also unless my clients actually wearing her hair in the “natural state” then I cut it dry & straight.

About The Expert: Danie – @I_am_Danie –

02cd763a-599b-49ac-bee9-9624a6e17a9dMaster Hair Artist located in my own salon suite at Salon Method in Atlanta,Ga. with over 10 years in the beauty/hair industry. I’m a well rounded stylist as far as haircare & styling but my favorite area is hair coloring.







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