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Ask The Expert: Can I Color And Relax My Hair At The Same Time?

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Q via @im_frazier:  I have short relaxed hair and I colored/dyed my hair red about 2 months ago. I was wondering is it safe for me to color it again like a deep blue black and relax it again? Or should I wait a little longer to do both or one or the other?

A: I honestly do not recommend coloring anyone’s hair after it has been relaxed. I think any stylist should take a look at the clients hair before making a decision but if the client is trying to color their hair at home I highly do not recommend it. Box dye can break and dry out anyone’s hair a lot faster then salon products. I also do not suggest anyone going black if they’re eventually wanting to go towards a different color in the long run. I would definitely wait a few weeks before processing your hair again.


About The Expert: Julie Kim – @touchedbyjuels

cced4ea3-face-4798-a03f-0a64a0a6e82eI have just always enjoyed coloring as I have grown up in a underground Korean salon once I graduated high school. I’ve spent the last 6 and a half years getting trained on coloring and am still learning to master my craft. I started off doing before and after pictures strictly to show myself how much I could improve my skills.





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