Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner ladies! Whether you’re planning a nice romantic dinner or night out with the girls, your makeup should be flawlessly executed. I put together a guide below for how to choose one feature on your face you want to pop.

I know it’s VDay and you might want to go all out but remember, a little bit goes a long way!


Smokey Eye

You can never go wrong with a smokey eye. The great thing about this is that you can play it subtle or go for the drama. For Valentine’s, you can actually try both if you want your eyes to be the main attraction. Here are some beautiful looks you may love:

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Winged Eyeliner

I love winged liners because you can execute them to perfectly suit the makeup look you’re aiming for. You can be quaint and coy with an innocent wing, fun and flirty or, my personal favorite, a sultry sexy wing. Combining a nice wing and smokey eye goes together like peanut butter and jelly or you & your Valentine!

unnamed (2)

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unnamed (1)

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Bold Lip

If you don’t want your eyes to be the focal point, a bold lip is your best match. We all know the typical lip color to wear on the day of love is red BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t be different. Red lipstick is gorgeous but not everyone can rock the same shade here are some differences so make sure you choose a shade that is complementary to you and that your man can’t wait to mess up!

unnamed (12)

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If you’re not into the red lip, these shades below are equally as bold and stunning!

unnamed (5)

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unnamed (4)

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unnamed (3)

unnamed (11)

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I’ve recently got into the highlight movement with illuminators and it’s like love at first sight. My biggest tips here  are to make sure you blend properly and to tread lightly with the shimmer; you don’t want to blind anyone!


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Play Up Your Eyes With Lashes

Just about every woman loves a good lash. This is the perfect night to take it there and play up your eyes and eye-makeup by stepping your lash game up. Lashes come in different looks and sizes so it is all up to your preference on how you want them. But if falsies aren’t your thing, try some  lengthening mascara that will take your lashes from blah to BAM!

unnamed (8)

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Live. Love. Laugh. Grow

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