Hair Envy: IG “It Girl” @ann.wynn

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IG: @ann.wynn

Hometown: I live in Maryland, but Marylanders are similar to those who live in Jersey but are New Yorkers; I’m a DC gal at heart.

Current City/State of Residence: Silver Spring/DC

How long have you been living the cut life? Tell us why you cut your hair.

I cut my hair exactly a year ago in January. I saw a picture and went out and cut it the same day. I’ve always had long hair, but I cut about 14 inches off twice before to donate to cancer charities, but this time was different. I felt like I depended on my hair to feel “pretty” and I didn’t want to hide behind it anymore. I was starting to feel like I looked like every other Asian girl did, and it made me look young in my opinion. When I finally cut it, it was like I began to grow into myself more and finally was becoming the woman I knew I could be. I’m more confident than before, and plan to go shorter but just haven’t found the right pixie for my face yet, haha!

What are your favorite beauty products?

Oh goodness, my huge secret is that I never condition my hair anymore since cutting it. When it was long it was really damaged so I needed to, but now to maintain this length I cut it bi-weekly so I have no split ends and it’s really healthy! Plus, I hate flat hair! I love huge voluminous hair and conditioner makes my hair mat to my head, so I only use shampoo now, and my favorite is Moroccan Argan oil shampoo. Then, my holy grail is Oribe’s dry texturizing spray. It gives sooo much volume and helps my hair from getting flat at the roots. It also smells like perfume so that’s a big plus.

I swear by cetaphil moisturizer for my face, and Loreal’s miss manga rock mascara works magic on my short stubby lashes. The only eyeliner I use is really inexpensive and by ruby kisses-it stays on all day long and never smudges!

What are your career goals and aspirations?

I just want to be someone who is influential and inspirational. I use my social media platforms to try to reach out to women, to remind them of how beautiful they are! I consider myself a body activist and I try to encourage everyone to constantly love themselves, because self-love isn’t narcissism. I want to stop people from thinking that confidence is bad since people like making others feel like they’re full of themselves if they do. If I can help younger girls or even women older than me to love themselves first, I’m satisfied knowing I contributed to making someone’s life a little bit better. Otherwise, I have bachelors in biology and plan to apply to dental school.

What are your hobbies, special skills or hidden talents?

I can’t even begin to name all of my hobbies and things I like to do, which also ties in with my career goals. I co-own an online shop in which I design and hand sew every garment I sell, so I’d say that’s my main hobby right now-designing and making things. I was styling for awhile and also doing photography but I’m putting that on hold, while I focus on this. Another thing I love doing is exploring the city searching for street art and murals. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without art. I’m super multifaceted because I dabble in a handful of things and consider myself a visual artist. Mostly anything that has to do with art, I can teach myself to do it. Learning to sew, draw, paint, etc…, was all self-taught.

When I’m not doing these things, I’m most likely immersed in a book, I’m really into fantasy series. I rarely have free time, but when I do you’ll find me doing any of these things and if I’m not, then I’m probably cooking because as cliché as it sounds, I love cooking as well!

What would you say to women who are scared to cut their hair?

It goes back to me reinforcing how important it is to love yourself first! Once you gain that confidence in yourself you won’t be afraid to do anything! Hair is very important to women, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor in how you feel about your looks. If you want to do something, just go out and do it! If it doesn’t work out, it’ll always grow back and you’ll feel better at least knowing that you weren’t afraid and still tried it!

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