Brow Envy: Do’s & Dont’s of Great Eyebrows 

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Hi ladies! So what’s something that we as women take seriously when it comes to makeup? You’ve guessed it our EYEBROWS! I know we’ve all been there when it comes to meeting another woman and the first thing your eyes see are her eyebrows! We know it’s wrong but we can’t help it, we love the slayed brow movement and we want them for our own. But how can we really serve if it’s our first time filling them in? Well I’ve got you’ve covered with the do’s & don’ts of great eyebrows, so lets get started!


Do:feel confident about your brows

Don’t:feel insecure

Many people tend to throw shade against filling in your eyebrows but to be honest it’s such a beautiful thing. Besides they are your brows and if you want them to look snatched then honey do it!


Do: get all the necessary equipment to get your eyebrows snatched.

Don’t: cheat the process

The necessary essentials are concealer, eyebrow brush, angled brushes, eyebrow powder or gel

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Do: use dark brown pencil or gel when doing your brows

Dark brown pencil 2DON’T: and I mean DON’T use black pencil to do your eyebrows it’s the biggest mistake than can set off your brows in a bad way.

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Clean browDo start off with a nice and clean brow. Have all the  stingy hairs gone so that you can serve those eyebrows nicely.

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Over pluckDon’t: over pluck your eyebrows! Try not to over tweeze the top part of your brows and also be careful with the hairs in the front of your eyebrow. Even if you’re trying to get rid of your uni-brow don’t make the mistake by widening the gap in between.

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Do: have patience when you’re trying to slay your eyebrow.  Take your time when perfecting your makeup to your eyebrow lightly it’s not a race!

Patience brows

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Don’t: lay on the makeup too thick. When the eyebrows come out too dark you can look a little too serious and the illusion of having good brows gets mistaken for a sharpie dipped brow.

Dark Brow

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Great BrowDon’t: go crazy trying to perfectly match your eyebrows to one another. The best advice I’ve ever received is that your eyebrows are sisters not twins.

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Do: acknowledge your natural arch in your eyebrow and the length when applying makeup.

Don’t: go overboard by making a thicker and longer brow that extends to your eye. If your eyebrows over extend too far out it can look like it’s taking over your face.

Natural Arch

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Optional Do

When doing my brows I like for them to be the first thing I do before applying foundation. I like to think that it’s the main attraction to my look and that it sets the tone. If my brows aren’t poppin than there will be no show stoppin! It’s my personal preference but you’re welcome to do what you like.


This concludes the Do’s & Don’ts to great eyebrows I hope you’ve learned a thing or two. Remember to have fun in the process of perfecting your brows and that practice really makes perfect! What are some of your personal tricks you do with your brows to get them slayed? Comment below!

Live. Love. Laugh. Grow


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