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Ask The Expert – My Hair Doesn’t Hold Any Curls!

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Q via @shansterific: Is it possible for me not to have a natural curl pattern? I haven’t relaxed my hair in 7 months the ends are straight, the roots are kinky not wavy and my hair doesn’t really hold any curl?

A: It’s absolutely possible to not have a natural CURL. I hi-light the word curl because some can have a natural wave, curl, coil or kink. And according to your question, sounds like you have a natural kink. Most of us haven’t seen our natural hair since we were kids and when we decide to let the relaxer go, we don’t know what texture to expect. Sounds like you may have been expecting something more like a curl or a wave maybe because that’s what you have as a kid. Our hair changes every 7 years just like our skin, so what you have now is all brand new. I suggest cutting the straight ends off and allow you “kink” to do its thing for a week or two while trying out products to give definition. Once your hair has a regular routine and you know exactly what you’ve got, you can have more freedom with creating the curls that you want. Also, products are key to creating and holding a curl for those of us that don’t have super defined hair (myself included). Once you find your perfect combo of products, your hair will behave the way you want it to! Hope this helps!!!!!


About The Expert: Tippi Shorter – @tippishorter –

unnamed (1)Tippi’s hairstyles have topped the shoulders of many icons: Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Lady Gaga And Jennifer Hudson among other notable actresses, musicians, and supermodels. Tippi prides herself on her signature big, sexy, healthy hair. In 2013, Tippi joined worldwide prestige hair care company, Aveda as their Global Artistic Director For Textured Hair. Tippi also recently launched MANE Hair Society.




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