6 Beauty Brands To Follow On Snapchat

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1. Birchbox


If you’re looking for constant updates that’ll give you instant reviews and tutorials on beauty products; then Birchbox needs to be on your friends list. You’ll get snaps from different faces with their beauty tricks and tips. Which is really cool since we always need advice from more than one person. And we can’t forget all the deets on products launching soon. @Birchbox


2. Sephora


You ever walk into Sephora trying to figure out where you should start. Well, Sephora brings their site and app to life all over Snapchat. You’ll learn how to try on some of their popular lipsticks and catch a glimpse of what’s in store for makeup lovers one snap at a time. @SephoraSnaps


3. Glamour Magazine


Glamour Mag snaps exclusive behind the scenes celebrity interviews and photo shoots in chic New York style. They’ll also take you on all the uhhmazing events that range from fashion to makeup. @GlamourMag


4. Elle Magazine


Looking for a one-stop shop that covers all things beauty, fashion and pop culture? Elle Mag definitely has your back. One moment you’re at the office and in the next 7 seconds you’re on the red carpet! Major key! @ElleUSA


5. Maybelline New York


Before you take your next trip to your local drug store, check out Maybelline’s Snapchat for new products and fashionable makeup tricks. Oh and you’re bound to run into mascara. Lots and lots of mascara! @Maybelline

6. The Cut Life

The Cut Life

If you’re living The Cut Life, thinking about it or new to the game then you’ve got to add The Cut Life to your daily snaps – You’ll get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes footage of upcoming content and easy hair tips for short hair.  Don’t be shy, we’ve got a little something for everyone. Yes, makeup bobs, pixie cuts and natural curls too. @LiveTheCutLife


Who are you following to keep up with beauty trends? Let us know below!


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