3 Things To Remember When You Cut Your Hair For The First Time

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Cutting your hair for the first time is a super easy decision for some and harder than advanced calculus for others. Everyone approaches their first significant hair cut differently but here are 3 things to remember before and after you see your stylist.

1. It will take some getting used to.

rihannaIt doesn’t matter how badly you wanted to cut your hair or how much you love it, the reality of it is that it’s change and change takes getting used to. There will be days when you love your short hair and you question what took you so long to finally cut it off! Then you’ll have days where your edges might not be laying right and it feels like everyone you see is having a great hair day but you; those are the days when bundle envy is real! It’s totally normal to have days of frustration with your hair but remember that short hair can be a lot of fun. Find styles that work for your lifestyle and personality. Play with hair accessories to really add some variety. Have fun with your look and the bad hair days will be few and far in between!


2. The cut doesn’t make you; YOU make the cut! 

Whether you kept it somewhat safe and got a bob or decided to go from 0 to 100 and are now rocking a buzz cut, remember that this style is about YOU! So many women talk about how they discovered a newfound sense of confidence and boldness that they didn’t realize they had until they cut their hair. Cutting your hair puts the focus entirely on you and that gorgeous face! Whether this is your first hair cut or 15th, all eyes will inevitably find their way to you so get ready for it and ENJOY IT! Tap into your inner Beyonce and rock your cut with confidence!


3. It’s just hair. It can and it will grow back.

kaley-cuoco-haircut-short-instagram-mainWe as women are taught that hair is so very important to our overall standard of beauty so cutting it can be a big deal to many which is completely understandable. Maybe you weren’t as ready as you initially thought or perhaps you got a cut that doesn’t fit who you are. Whatever the case, if you find yourself feeling like short hair isn’t for you, remember that it’s hair and hair grows back. 🙂



Hopefully you’re feeling better about your current cut or maybe we’ve helped you make the decision to finally go for it! Be sure to tag #thecutlife in pics of your cut on social media so we can see the new, hella confident and super dope YOU!



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