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Why I Cut My Hair: @jazij_thuglife

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Written by: @jazij_thuglife


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I shared my story with my Facebook family a couple weeks ago. NOW I’m ready to share with my Instagram family ?
Imagine growing up with “funny skin” as I use to call it. Imagine growing up with ringworms and swores in your head and they would each and bleed when you scratch. I remember as young as elementary dealing with this stuff. I remember I had to get zig zag parts and not perfect lines because of my scalp and hair confirm. I had to wear braids instead of relaxers, and I definitely don’t remember “being natural” being “in” back than for me lol. I was diagnosed with a skin disorder called “seborrheic dermatitis” which cause several things too lengthy to explain but hair loss was definitely one of them. It started as a small bald spot and it got bigger and bigger and bigger. For over 20 years I’ve been dealing with this secret and I think that I’ve did a pretty good job with handling it ? and I am so blessed that the lord blessed me with special hands to be a hairstylist and a creative being! Lol. But I just got tired of wearing weaves…so tired! So I decided to cut it all off. I am so grateful for the love and support from my friends and family…especially my mommy and my love @beerbellyntattoos


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