Then X Now: Celebs Before They Cut Their Hair

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The “glo up” as a celebrity seems infinite when your career is booming, and you’re on top of the world. Their lives call for a lot of change — from their jobs, to whom they’re dating, where they live, and most importantly, their images. Some of your faves weren’t always a part of the cut life, and they made that step to maintain their image. Or maybe this is just the real them, and they are feeling more like themselves each day. But don’t get too comfortable — a red carpet might just have them switch it up again. So call the glam squad! It’s time to look into celebrities then & now looks before they cut their hair! 

image1Then Nazanin Mandi was the sweetheart with the long healthy hair on Miguel’s arm, now she’s building her own brand while sporting her signature curly bob.



Then Crystal Westbrook was gaining social media popularity with her curly highlights, now she’s taking over the small screen with a cute pixie.



Then Jennifer Hudson was singing her heart out in beach waves, now she’s stolen our hearts on Broadway with a fierce short cut.



Then We were keeping up with Khloe Kardashian as the long haired bombshell, now she’s keeping up with the cut life with a chic bob.



Then Jessie J. kept it classic with jet black hair with a signature straight bang or middle part, now we’re actually quoting her IG username. “Is that Jessie J?” 



Then Maria Borges was giving us girl-next-door vibes with long dark hair, now she’s known as the first Victoria Secret model to strut her stuff down the runway with a TWA, “teeny weeny afro.”



Then Lucy Hale was taking goofy behind-the-scene photos with her “Pretty Little Liar” cast mates with her long luscious mane, now we are spotting her on Tuesday nights with a highlighted bob. 


Who’s your fave long to short hair celeb transformation?

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