Bored With Your Cut? Time for A Color Change

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It’s month six and you’re slowly convincing yourself that maybe cutting your hair wasn’t the best idea. You probably thought you would be able to try every short hairstyle and nail it. Maybe it hasn’t been as easy as you thought but you can still nail those looks – you just have to put a little more umph in your hair game! Perhaps it’s time to add a little color to your hair life. If cutting your hair was a big enough change, let’s keep the momentum going! Think about all the different shades of colors that would look great on you. Listen, if you’re bold enough for the cut, you’re bold enough for some color!




Though the color red demands a lot of attention to maintain but it commands an equal amount every where you go! You can choose from fiery red, strawberry blond, burgundy and even a copper. Without a doubt, this new color will give you the bold and daring look you’ve been searching for.

Red 1

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Red 2


Red 3




Since late 2014, the color purple has become more than just Barney’s skin tone. From dark hues of mauve to pretty pastel lavender, this color gives a rich finish to just about any look.

Purple 1


Purple 2


Purple 3




Maybe you’re sick of this particular hair trend, however the color grey is a great option because, when done right, it gives your hair a soft look along with the “You look great for your age!” compliments you’re sure to receive!

Grey 1


Grey 2



Before you make a dash to your colorist, which color you’ll be rocking next? Let me know if the comments below!

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