Why I Cut My Hair: @TippyBStyle

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Everyone that’s known me for years knows that I’ve had short hair close to 20 years. I love, love, love, short hair it’s always been easy for me to manage, so I’ve stuck with it. I cut my hair back in college at age 18. After hanging out and noticing all the fly girls had shorthair, I remember thinking I want to be that it girl! It was all about a new look for me and being away from home for the first time it was a big decision I could make on my own. I remember sitting in the stylist chair nervous, scared, but ready for something new. The stylist asked me once was I sure that I wanted to cut my hair. I said yeah, and just like that she cut my ponytail off! Not only did I cut my hair, but I got a pixie cut that day! So I sat there so scared of what the end result would be. When she turned that chair around and I took one look in the mirror, I felt so beautiful! I loved it! It was perfection!
PhotoGrid_1449535889332_1That started my love affair with shorthair. I felt bold and pretty with my new look and I got so many compliments. But what I also gained was this unbelievable feeling of confidence! I realized I didn’t have to have long hair to feel beautiful or be accepted. Shorthair makes me feel free, edgy, but in control. That’s what I love about shorthair, even when it’s simple it makes a statement. For me it has always been a way to show my individuality. Adding a bold hair color to my short haircuts has been a way to express my individuality as well.
The past two years I’ve been cutting, coloring, and styling my own hair. I had a great stylist for 10 years and she not only did my hair but taught me how to maintain it as well.  I know going for a shorter do can be scary. A few tips for anyone thinking about going shorter: Study the stylist; make sure it’s someone that’s an expert in cutting hair. Study your style, what looks good on you, what you can manage well. That’s why I love “The Cut Life” website and on Instagram. It’s such a great way to stay up to date, find a stylist, and hair inspiration. Also remember that hair that looks good is an investment. It can be time, weekly salon visits, or trying a new product, but you have to be willing to invest in it.
Over the years I have grown more confident with my shorthair. But I also know that confidence comes from a place inside where you love yourself. I believe any look or style you are going for has to come from a happy soul first!

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