Why I Cut My Hair: @greensamandham

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When people ask me why I cut my hair, a bittersweet feeling comes over me. At the age of 18 in December 2010, I made the choice to cut my hair. Although my haircut can be looked at as a fashion statement there’s a deeper meaning. I was coping with my grandmother dying of ovarian/cervical cancer. Sadly, I could not be there to support her through her time of need as much as I wanted to. For the woman who sacrificed so much for her grandchildren and children, I took it upon myself to sacrifice something for her. Over the course of eight months I went from a short pixie cut to it all being gone. The feeling after I cut it was more humbling than ever. Even though my sacrifice can never grant me of having my grandmother back, I know that she would be proud and honored with the sacrifice I made. I hope that my story not only influences but touches someone’s heart to do an act of selflessness. I’ve learned so much about myself after cutting my hair and it has honestly been the best decision. To all my Cut Life Queens remember hair may hold memories, but a cut tells a story. Share yours!



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