Things We’re Here For: Short Haired Beauty Queens!

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Since we’re all talking about beauty pageants – thanks Steve Harvey! – what better time than to highlight the bold and few who opted to pursue a crown with short hair!


Miss Jamaica Universe 2014 Kaci Fennell

It’s rare that we come across a short-haired beauty queen. It’s still very much the norm for Miss USA, America or Universe to have a head full of luxurious long locks but earlier in the year, Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell sent the internet ablaze when she made it all the way to the top 10 with her perfect pixie cut. There’s been mention that perhaps Kaci’s cropped cut cost her the crown but you cannot deny her beauty – a beauty that is even more striking because of her cut!


Jade McQueen become UK news when she became the FIRST EVER short-haired beauty queen to make the finals of Miss England. 

Every day, something, someone or some new trend comes along to challenge the standard of beauty. While a short-haired beauty pageant contestant is nothing new, can we say that we think it’s about time for another short-haired beauty pageant winner. overdue. Everyday, we highlight beautiful women sporting varying cuts and I’m certain enough credentials to be Miss USA, America or Universe so it’s no secret that we’d be the first to vote to see one of our short-haired stunners wear a again crown sometime soon!


Heather French, Miss America 2000 

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