STYLE WATCH: Top 5 Fall Nail Trends by Ultra Violet Nail Lounge

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Hey ladies! It’s officially the holiday season and just because it’s starting to get a little cold outside, that doesn’t mean that our nails have to suffer.  Are you looking to jazz or spice up your nails during the Holidays and colder months? Well @Kmil4Real of  Ultra Violet Nail Lounge has counted down the top 5 nail trends for this fall season!

#5 NCLA Marble Wraps

ncla marble wraps

marble wraps packaging2

N-C-L-A Marble Wraps are provided exclusively at Ultra Violet Nail Lounge and take the hassle and hard work out of nail design. They’re easy to use, and can cover your acrylic, gel, or natural nails. And the designs and patterns are fun giving you plenty of options that you can mix and match to your liking!


#4 Pumpkin Spice Nailspumpkin spice opi

It’s the Fa -La La La Fall season and we smell pumpkin! Coming in at number 4 on the top 5 nail trends for the Fall is no other than this amazing “Pumpkin Spice” mani-pedi combo. Treat your legs and feet with an ultra hydrating combination of lotions and scrubs in this Fall favorite fragrance. We hear that the scent of pumpkin stimulates the attraction of men if you’re looking for date to some fun Holiday parties!


#3  Ombre Mood Nails

mood polish


At number 3 are these beautiful “Ombre Mood” gel polishes! What makes these polishes beautiful is that you can set them to your perfect  fall mood with the gel polish from the “Perfect Match Mood Collection” held exclusively at the Ultra Violet Nail Lounge. These playful nail polishes change color based on your body temperature, mood, the heat of your cup of coffee, or even when you’re holding an ice cold cocktail and contineu to do so as you wear them! It’s almost like rocking a range of colors at once!


#2 Belt It!

belt it bling

Coming in a number 2 comes courtesy of ETSY & is the “Belt It” design. Every fashionista loves adding the perfect belt to perfectly complement look well now you can apply that same concept but this designs lets you add it to your nails. Just simply cover your nails in your favorite color of gold something solid, add a belt at the tip, apply a few stones and boom – you have belted your nails!


#1 Matte!

matte green

Without a doubt, the number 1 nail trend for the fall is the “Matte” look. Achiecving this look as as simple as applying a matte finish top coat over your favorite Fall color. Because this trend is EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE, all of your favorites brands including OPI, Orly, and the Perfect Matte all offer matte finishing topcoats. Our favorite at UV Nail lounge is OPI’s version. 


We hope you enjoyed the countdown and suggestions. If you’re in Atlanta, be sure to visit Ultra Violet Nail Lounge or your favorite nail shop and treat yourself to a little mani-pedi therapy session. Let us know if you try any of these trends and let us know your favorite nail trend for Fall!




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