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Full Name: Phylicia “pRoy” Sadsarin
IG Handle: askpRoy
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Current City/State or Country of Residence: Phoenix, AZ
How long have you been living the cut life? Tell us about why you decided to cut your hair.
My cut life experience goes back to my relaxed days – around 2006.  I went in to get my hair “trimmed” and came out with a full blown cut and had to get it cut AGAIN on the same day because the stylist jacked me allllllll the way up!  That was my first time experiencing anything like that.  I was rocking the Toni Braxton with no intentions of doing so and the shock value from the experience had me second guessing myself.  It took maybe a week for me to realize this was going to be my look for a while so I found a stylist who specialized in short hair and gave her free reign over my hair.  Every week I would go to her and before I knew it, my hair had grown back out.
Fast forward to August 2008, I decided to go back to my natural hair and chopped all of my relaxed ends off.  My hair was about 4 inches then, but we know with shrinkage that means an inch (LOL!)  I rocked that for a while and in 2011 decided to shave down my sides as an outward demonstration of my love and support of a family member who was battling cancer.  Although she won the fight, I loved the shaved sides and rocked them up until 2013 and then started to grow back my hair.
Then I got to the awkward stage – you know, when your hair is longer than short but shorter than medium length and you just don’t know WHAT to do with it.  So I cut it May 2014.  I went into my bathroom, grabbed some shears, and cut my hair into a tapered ‘fro.  It was completely liberating and made me feel extremely sexy!  From then on, I’ve rocked it with the utmost confidence and haven’t turned away from short hair since that day.
What are your favorite beauty products?  
Being a natural hair blogger/vlogger, I receive tons of hair products but I am a girl who always goes back to the basics – a good moisturizing shampoo, a deep conditioner, a leave-in and a styler.  That’s all I really need.  Currently I’m crushing on products by Obia Natural Hair care and BeeMine Organics.  Their products have my hair looking like “hey, what’s up? hello!” 24/7.
With makeup, I am simple so I always have a good lipstick with me (something dark typically) and an awesome mascara.  I am only using organic and/or natural beauty products so it’s a bit of a transition for me, but I love how it makes my skin look and feel.
What are your career goals and aspirations?
My career goals and aspirations coincide with my life goals and aspirations which are to simply be THE BEST ME I can be and to be happy and at peace while doing it.  If I’m not my best self, then I can’t give my best, period.  Never compete (there’s so much abundance – we can all win), always inspire, and above all: keep God first.  I learned a long time ago to trust in the Lord with all my heart and to lean not on my own understanding.  That in everything that I do always acknowledge Him and He will direct my path and take me further than I can ever imagine (Proverbs 3: 5-6).
What are your hobbies, special skills, or hidden talents?
My hobbies include traveling (oh, how I love to travel), distance running, and just simply enjoying life by living in the moment.  I am also very creative and have a knack for graphic design and video production.  Oh, and during conversations I always come up with a song as a response to a question or comment and I mayyyyyy or may not respond with it.  Music is always on my mind. LOL
What would you say to women who are scared to cut their hair?
You’re afraid of how you will look with a hair cut, but you have never cut your hair to find out how you will look…    You could be missing out on the best look of your life.
Clearly, you can grow hair.  It’s evident in the length you have now.  So what’s the real fear?  Acceptance – Rejection?  Validation comes from you.  You set the tone on how others treat you.  Just think about it – it’s really all in the mind and we have got to get out of our own heads to really enjoy what life has to offer.
Cutting your hair is an unexplainable freedom.  It gives you a different perspective on life.  It makes it easier to let go of things that no longer serve you – bad relationships, bad habits, bad ends (HELLO)! It’s liberating to say the least, but it’s certainly a life changing experience.  I mean, if you’re here reading this on The Cut Life then I know you aren’t just trying to take my word for it… #goforit
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