CUT OF THE WEEK: @cometakeapuff

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We see you @cometakeapuff! And so do 27k+ people who liked the photo! #bae

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  1. Secret

    July 5, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    shes a scam artisti bought a wig from her and never recieved it , shes very rude and unprofessional when it comes too selling her products. she has had numerous of woman also tell me that they have not recieved anything from her by the time they purchased they would wait several months for their wigs and not once has she responded too emails nor DM’s on instagram , i feel sorry for people who purchase from her . i will no longer spend my money on something that requires a month too ship out and have an owner who has an nasty addittude towards her customers as well as bash people for these claims and is also very arrogant , may she humble herself and i hope she understands that coning people is very frowned upon.

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