A New Beginning! Why I Cut My Hair: @AmoraCherise

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Written by: @AmoraCherise


In the beginning of October, I found myself completely overwhelmed with school, work, and family issues. So much that I didn’t realize my hair was damaging day by day. One morning, I looked myself in the mirror and saw a 23 year old woman, ready to be fearless .


I didn’t think twice before I grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped as much hair off my head as I could. But something unsettling in me said “This is not enough, Let it all go”. I ran to my Dad, asked for his clippers and shaved my head to the grain. With all my hair gone, I felt like I willing disassociated myself with the social standard of what should be on my head. My hair was no longer a part of the description of how I defined myself as a person. I finally felt like I no longer feared a new beginning, cared how I would be preconceived or coveted something that was not befitting for me. I sacrificed my hair, the most glorified attribute of a women and I found myself; I saw myself for exactly who I was without it and IT FELT GOOD!

In Nigerian culture, being a woman and shaving your head represents a new beginning; for with a sacrifice you can start ‘a fresh’.

So now, I find it very interesting that I essentially found my way back to a practice that is deeply rooted in my culture.

IMG_2073For any ladies that may struggle with the thought of letting go;

Listen to the voice within that we all try to ignore.

You, yourself are stronger, braver, and more beautiful than your hair.



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