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4 Ways to Jump Start Your New Year Goals!

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unnamed-5This morning, one of my favorite podcasts (Behind The Brand) spoke on the topic of “Too Much Planning, Not Enough Execution.” How perfect is that title? I love it! I’m a no excuses, all or nothing kind of gal. I just don’t understand the concept of putting only a little time or energy into something that you’re passionate about. In August 2014, I quit my full-time job and went back to being a full-time freelancer and it was the best decision that I made all year! In my first year, I made almost 4x as much as I made working a nice paying, full-time job plus I joined on as the Creative Director of The Cut Life in the fall of 2015. I’m going to do a post later on going from a full-timer to entrepreneur, but for now here are some of my tips for starting your New Year goals now.

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One. Start one or more of your goals now!

“Faith without works is dead.” James 2:14-17

I’m the type of person that has to do things immediately so that it won’t turn into an item on my procrastination list. One of my goals has been to get more toned and strive for the best body that I can have.  So 2 weeks ago, I signed up for a few sessions with a personal trainer. I worked out with @MsTisch to get a jump-start on a fit lifestyle and have someone who I felt accountable to.  I really needed a little extra encouragement to get me motivated and excited. And it worked! Since I’m balling on a budget, I’ll be using ClassPass for 3-4x times a week from here on out and making a point to hold myself accountable so that I can finally reach and maintain my fitness goals.

What a nice segue into number 2 lol.

Two: Write out your goals + the steps you need to take to achieve them

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 1.09.54 AMWriting and speaking your goals are critical to your success and accountability. It’s easy to be motivated and inspired during the first quarter of the year, but what about during the summer or fall? Do you tell yourself that you’ll just wait to the following year (again)? Writing your goals down or typing them out gives you a document to look back on and hold yourself accountable to.

I keep a post-it note pad on my desk and write down my yearly and daily goals. If you like to do a vision board, I think that’s a great idea as well. Just decide on a method that you will use and respect later and that will truly hold you accountable. For me, I made a vision board once and by March it was in my closet. I use hot pink post-it notes because they are bright and slightly annoying so I have a another reason for wanting to complete items on my list so that I can throw away the sticky note.

The reason that I write down daily goals is so that I can take one step closer to my larger goals. All it takes is to do one thing a day towards your goals to get them accomplished. Sometimes it takes me a week to knock out a daily goal but I never let myself go longer than a month. Here’s a few daily things on my list:

  • Update your production company website
  • Reach out to graphic designer for new company logo
  • Schedule weekly classes to workout
  • Finish reading the book you started reading last month

Three: Prepare yourself and your mindset for hard work

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 11.44.22 PMBefore I thought about signing up for a personal trainer, I told my boyfriend and sister that I hated boot camp classes because my arms are weak. They both had the same reply, “start telling yourself that you are strong, because you are!”  My boyfriend as also added “I guess you don’t view your body as an asset like you do your creative skills.” It’s amazing how I’d applied the hard work mindset to all areas of my life besides working out. So I decided that day that “I am strong. I will not pass out in boot camp class. I can achieve my fitness goals. I will work out consistently and not use being busy as an excuse.” #iAmStrong #YouIsSmart #YouIsImportant

I think not preparing your mind for success is the biggest trip up for most people. If I got paid a dollar for the number of times someone asked me for help completing a goal or starting a business and then fell off after a few months, I’d be able to retire right now! It’s easy and natural to get excited about your passion because it’s YOUR passion. The tough part is sticking with it even when are sleepy, it’s not paying a lot yet and you aren’t seeing the immediate, big picture results that you want. Remember these things:

  1. You HAVE to put in work towards your goals every single day
  2. No one cares about your excuses. People only care about results.
  3. You are your biggest cheerleader. You can do it!
  4. Decide on which things need perfection and which things just need to get done. And don’t be afraid to delegate to someone else more qualified in a particular area.
  5. Have faith that the dream God placed in your heart will come to pass. (For without faith it is impossible to please God. – Hebrews 11:6)
  6. It’s okay to unplug from social media. If you are feeling more anxious or doubtful about your own dreams because you are looking at the lives of others, then that means it’s time to unplug and regroup.

Four: Find a mentor or role model

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 1.09.19 AMHaving a role model or mentor is important for your mental health when striving to achieve your goals. Sometimes I get over-anxious or have a “what am I doing with my life?” moment. During those times of vulnerability, I seek inspiration from scriptures and role models.  Besides my parents, I don’t personally know any of my role models but they serve as my daily reminder that anything is possible with faith and hard work. Here are a few of my role models and the reasons why I selected them.

  • PDiddy has been one of my role models for years because of his work ethic. This man knows how to get things done and I love his “no excuses” motto.
  • Joel Olsteen has a way of using God’s Word to motivate and activate the dreamer in me.
  • Myleik, CEO of CurlBox, gives me the same feeling I get listening to Joel or seeing PDiddy’s results, but with Myleik, I get to see the day-to-day of how it’s done. Her SnapChat and her podcasts really show the live, work, balance that we are all striving for.
  • Any woman of color in tv and film such as Shonda Rhimes, Melina, Mara Brock Akil, Ava Duvernay, Issa Rae etc. inspire me daily as a director and a producer because they’ve created their own lane in a male dominated industry.

Achieving your goals can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time so take baby steps if you need to but just don’t quit. You got this!

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