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Why I Cut My Hair p2 – @iAmJamGamble

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Written by: @iamjamgamble

I remember the day I cut my hair.

The stylist said, “Girl, you have beautiful hair. Why in the world do you want to cut it off?!” To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if I was making the right decision but I was ready to take the risk.

First I was rocking a pixie then I gradually cut my hair shorter and shorter until I had my first fade. As women, I feel we are forced to believe that long hair is feminine and sexy but seeing my scalp for the first time was surreal. It was like I finally found the look that suits my personality, height, and defined facial features. I felt bold, confident, and powerful. As a woman in media, my hairstyle has become my signature look.

I instantly stand out whenever I’m at an event and am always told “I wish I had the guts to pull that style off!”

My gut convinced me to cut my hair 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I’ve experimented with colours, twists, different designs, and each time I feel brand new. It’s truly empowering seeing so many women embracing ‘the cut life’ as it’s the inspiration we need to pick up the scissors and see what magic can be created.

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