Hair Envy: IG “It Girl” @msbrittanyduet

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IG Handle: @msbrittanyduet

Hometown: Houma Louisiana

Current City/State or Country of Residence: Los Angeles

How long have you been living the cut life? Tell us about why you decided to cut your hair.


I’ve had my hair short forever! As a kid I’ve always had a little bob with bangs or long bangs. As I got older ( around 18) I grew it out past the middle of my back and one day just chopped it off to my shoulders. Over time it got shorter and shorter. I’ve had a Mohawk, Mohawk with designs on each side, military cut with just hair on the top, a baldy, a pixie, a blue and red Mohawk, and played around with basically every color I could think of!! I’m currently growing my hair into a pixie and it’s so tempting to grab my clippers and shave it off! The struggle.

What are your favorite beauty products?


I just use coconut oil because my hair is so short at the moment but when its pixie length I don’t leave the house without my mini straightener. I can style my hair straight and have little curls. It’s absolutely amazing! For makeup I’m currently obsessed with two faced born this way foundation. Unlike every other foundation, this makeup literally sits on top of the skin and makes my face look airbrushed. It’s a must have.

What are your career goals and aspirations?

Well, as of right now, I am a makeup artist but I just branched off and started my own fetish line. Can’t give too many details but we should be launching at the beginning of next year.

What are your hobbies, special skills, or hidden talents?

I love hiking and working out. I get into it and then I stop but right now I’m really focused. A hidden talent….umm I’m really good at drawing. I was in private art lessons my whole life. I really should practice more. Such a waste!

What would you say to women who are scared to cut their hair?


IT’S HAIR! IT GROWS BACK! Hair is not something you NEED…hair is an accessory. So have fun with it and actually do something with your hair instead of just taking a screen shot of something you wish you could do! You won’t be disappointed if you step outside of the box.

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