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IG Handle: @marissa

Hometown: Atlanta, graduated from Stockbridge High

Current City/State or Country of Residence: Atlanta, GA

How long have you been living the cut life? Tell us about why you decided to cut your hair. 

I’ve been living the cut life since my senior year of high school. I had long hair my entire life and always dreamed of going Halle Berry short. I decided to finally cut my hair after I received a trim gone bad! Once I cut it I never went back to long hair & I’ve found myself wanting it shorter and shorter.

What are your favorite beauty products?

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For my skin & hair, believe it or not, my products are actually homemade lol. I’ve become hooked on taking care of myself in a more natural way. My favorite make up products are Bobby brown foundation, Mac lipstick, and Anastasia brow dip gel.

What are your career goals and aspirations?

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My career goals are to win Grammys & touch peoples’ lives with my music. One of my main aspirations is to empower women to become more confident in the skin they are in.

What are your hobbies, special skills, or hidden talents?

I would have to say my hidden talents are doing nail art and I can make my ears wiggle. My favorite hobbies are cooking (trying new recipes), arts and crafts and acting.

What would you say to women who are scared to cut their hair?

Go for it! Don’t be afraid

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