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IG Handle: @eliza_knows

Hometown: The middle of nowhere Illinois. Grew up on the family farm.

Current City/State or Country of Residence: Chicago, Illinois.

How long have you been living the cut life? Tell us about why you decided to cut your hair.

I cut my hair short when I was about 10 years old when the movie Ghost came out…Demi Moore was my muse…. I never looked back. Both my sister and my mother have short hair so I never really thought anything of it. It became a strong piece to the wardrobe of my life!

What are your favorite beauty products?

Hair products: Purple conditioner! A must have. I switch up brands a lot to keep my hair color changing slightly. I’m a bit of a product junkie so a soft hold hairspray with shine also makes my heart skip a beat.

Makeup: Ben Nye powders are everything. I do a full beat down on my face every single day. Pretty pink and buff are my two favs.

What are your career goals and aspirations?


My career goals are to land a handful more of really amazing modeling jobs with very progressive brands and then slowly fade to the other side of the camera. Art direction and creative directing are two of my main focuses. I’ve always been extremely hands on with the creative aspect of my own career. I want to see if others will let me set the stage for them as well. Big budgets, high fashion, art, music videos, blending of cultures, meshing of lifestyles, trendsetting, culture shifting, all with a dash of a punk attitude. Lol P.S. And collaborations with large and small brands. Just think like Kanye with his forward thinking and unstoppable creativity plus, Kim with her confidence and uncanny knack for flawless marketing at the same time, within the same person. #lifegoals Lol

My aspirations are to put as many people in a position to win as possible. I also hope and pray that one day I can help raise money and awareness for victims of sex trafficking here in the United States and worldwide. It’s such a taboo subject to talk about and I really want to help people by raising awareness. I have a heart to help younger females follow their dreams. Especially those whom haven’t had a lot of love and support. All humans are equal. No person should ever be a slave to another in any context let alone a slave sold for sex.

I just want to give back the gifts that have been freely given to me. So many people have helped me out and expecting nothing in return. I want to pay it forward and do the same thing. This summer, specifically, a lot of my heroes really went to bat for me to help me go to the next level. That type of love is priceless.

What are your hobbies, special skills, or hidden talents?


Hobbies include all things girly girl. Nails, lashes and good laughs with my BFFs mean everything to me. On the other hand, I love sports and sports history. I watch a ton of sports documentaries! I’m kind of a documentary geek in general.

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