Rapunzel, Rapunzel Will Not Cut Her Hair

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tumblr_inline_nw5gcbiOpE1tv19na_50059-year-old Gu Meiying says no to scissors when it comes to cutting her crowning glory.  She started growing her hair 35 years ago when she was 24 years old and her hair has now reached the length of 2.52 meters. Wow!


Interestingly enough, Meiying who is apart of the Miao ethnic tribe located in Yunna Province, China, believes that her hair can be used as a good luck charm! Meiying doesn’t plan on taking her hair short anytime soon. In fact, she even turned down a $2,000 offer to give up her luscious locks.  Her hair has not only become apart of her uniqueness but also a full time job to maintain. For example, when Meiying washes her hair it can take up to a whole week in order for her hair to be fully dry. In addition, she can actually wrap her hair around her entire body 3 ½ times.


Currently, Meiying has aspirations to double the length of her hair to more than 5.627 meters just so she can be included in Guinness Book of World Records.  “My hair is a treasure, my totem and my lucky charm. I also think that long hair is good for health,” says Meiying. Meiying definitely inspires women all over to not only grow their hair but to embrace and treasure their hair no matter the length. After all it’s just hair, have fun with it!

You can see more pictures of Gu Meying’s amazing hair length here via Andy J Wells.


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