Style Watch with Celebrity stylist, Olori Swank

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To most people, it’s just another #WCW also known as “Watch Cookie Wednesday,” but to me I’m anxiously counting down the time until 8 o’clock so I can start my phone interview with a fashion icon. This is a huge opportunity for me. Not only because I’m interviewing the one and only Olori Swank, but it’s because I aspire to be in her shoes one day as a fashion stylist. I didn’t want to use my 5-6 questions on a typical fan girl Q&A like “How is it styling the handsome and extremely talented Donald Glover?” I wanted to pick her brain a bit as well as have some great conversation.

You’ve seen her style A-list celebs such as T.I. , Keke Palmer, and Teyana Taylor and take on a successful boutique but now let’s get a little more personal with Olori Swank.



Dallise – You’ve traveled to Los Angeles a million times to style clients but now you’ve gone from an ATLien to a California girl officially. How has the transition from Atlanta to LA been? 


Olori – Well I’ve been in California for 4 years now and I would say the transition has been pretty awesome. I kind of moved on a whim, I literally packed all my stuff one day and left. I feel like in order to be successful you have to put yourself in a position where your back is up against the wall and figure out how to make it work and that’s exactly what I did.


D – A few weeks ago on Twitter you stated, “I pack for my clients all the time; but I loathe packing for myself.” What 3 things do you have to have when packing for your next trip? 

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O – Personally or for my clients?

D – I would say personally. Like what essentials do you have to have?

O – To be honest I don’t have any essentials that I need to have when I pack personally except for my purse. I’m very likely to travel with no luggage and figure it out when I get there. So I will knock your list of 3 things to one and just say I need my purse.


D – No matter how humble and modest you are, you have to know you’re a fashion icon in the eyes of thousands. *Hints having over 145 thousands Instagram followers on her personal page and over 60 thousand on your well renowned eBoutique’s page Swank Blue.* Who are your fashion icons?


O – Thank you! Honestly I don’t have anyone. I kind of get my style influence from everywhere and everyone. So that could be anybody from Diana Ross to a homeless person on the side of the road. I’m just kind of inspired by what I see. I like to say that I’m easily inspired but not easily influenced.


D – There are so many short haired stunners in the industry always trying out new short cuts. What short hair celeb would you want to style next if you could?


O – Oooo, I feel like just off the top I would have to say Halle Berry because she has been doing it for so long. Also she hasn’t really been out in the public eye in a while because she hates paparazzi right now. But I think when it comes to short hair stunners, she is definitely on the top of my list.


D – What’s in store for the infamous SWANK? From your eBoutique to those glorious blue locs. *No pun attended considering you’ve probably seen the celebrity fashion stylist recently rocking faux locs earlier this summer.*


O – I typically don’t’ like to announce things before I do them. I kind of let people just figure it out. I would much rather show you more than tell you. But just know that whatever I do I’m going to be stuntin’.

D- As far as your eBoutique, are you excited about your fall line dropping?


O – I am definitely very very excited about it. We’re doing a lot of monochromatic looks this season and my customers have taken a huge liking to it. So I think I’m going to play around this season then switch it up in the spring.

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