How to shave your own head

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Our beautiful intern Marian showed us her morning routine of shaving her head!


Andis Outliner II Trimmer, $69.99 at Sally’s Beauty Supply — This trimmer is great because it gives you a close cut without getting nicks and razor bumps.

Wahl Clipper Cleaner, $4.99 at Wal-Mart — You have to keep your clippers clean to prevent hair bumps and other scalp infections, as well as to prevent the blade from running slow because of excess hair. Just spray the blades and shake the clippers over your sink to get all the hair out. Wipe the cleaner off the blade, and you’re ready to go!

Shea Moisture Tea Tree After Shave and Bump Preventer, $7.99 at Target — I use this before I cut my hair to get rid of excess oil on my scalp, and I use it afterward to clean my scalp and soothe my skin.

Kiti Kiti Scalp Treatment, Various Prices on Amazon — This is another product to prevent razor bumps and other scalp conditions, such as fungal infections and dandruff. I used it a couple times a week, and I hardly ever get bumps!

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Serum, $10.99 at Target — Many traditional moisturizers, especially for natural hair, such as shea butter, castor oil, etc… are too heavy and keep your scalp looking greasy. This serum is lightweight, moisturizing and keeps my scalp feeling supple.

Desert Essence Kinder to Skin Tea Tree Oil, $8.49 at Natural Grocers (or any other health food store) — If you prefer a more natural approach to preventing bumps, then use Tea Tree Oil! It’s a natural antiseptic and I use it throughout the week to keep my scalp clean and refreshed.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo, $10.99 at Target — I use this to shampoo after I’m done cutting my hair. I put a little bit on a soft boar hair brush and gently massage my scalp. Again, this, like every product I use, is geared toward maintaining my scalp health. African Black Soap is known as a skin cure-all, and helps alleviate every kind of skin/scalp condition. Plus, it smells good!

Annie Soft Boar Brush, $1.99 at any local hair store — I use this to brush excess hair off my scalp as I’m cutting my hair, so I can see spots I’ve missed. I also use it in the shower to massage my scalp and get any leftover hair off.

Crystal Elegance Neck Duster, $11.99 at Sally Beauty Supply — This is just another little tool to get rid of extra hair left on your scalp, face or neck as your cutting.

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