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 Full Name: Kashimah “Kash” Talley


kashbarb3IG : @kashbarb

Hometown: Born in Washington, D.C. Raised in Baltimore, MD

Current City of Residence: DMV

How long have you been living the cut life? Tell us about why you decided to cut your hair.

I’ve been living the cut life for about 3 years now. I’m a makeup artist and I feel you have to stand apart; you have to be edgy and that’s what made me cut my hair.

What are your favorite beauty products?


Some of my favorite beauty products are my signature red lipstick by MAC “ruby woo” and the skin highlighter “Soft & Gentle”. As far as hair products, I love all Mixed Chicks products.

What are your career goals and aspirations?

My career goals are to finally launch my cosmetic line and to become a household name all over the world. I aspire to be one of the top makeup artists of my generation.


What are your hobbies, special skills, or hidden talents?

I’m a real big foodie, I love to eat out and try new foods. Other than makeup I think I do a pretty good Beyoncé impersonation. (So I’ve been told lol)



What would you say to women who are scared to cut their hair?

It’s only hair, don’t live behind it, and don’t let it define you, join the cut life and be daring‼

Twitter: @KashBarb

SnapChat: @KashBarb 

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