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Ask the Expert: I just got my hair cut for the 1st time and I hate it!

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I just got my hair cut for the 1st time and I hate it! What do I do now?

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First, you should speak with your stylist and come up with a solution. If that doesn’t work, consult with a new stylist, but before any services are performed make sure to know exactly what you want to do.

I’m hesitant about cutting my hair because I have bad dandruff. What should I do? 

 How often are you relaxing your hair?? Relaxing the hair too often contributes to scalp issues. Also, make sure that you are shampooing your hair weekly, the first shampoo should consist of a medicated shampoo or cleanser then afterwards use a moisturizing shampoo. Depending on the severity of the issue, a hot oil treatment will help after your shampoo. With long or short hair it doesn’t matter as long as your taking care of your scalp.

Should I cut my own hair? 

Should you cut your own hair? The answer will be no! I would suggest you look for a professional in your area that specializes in the cut you are looking to get. You can use google or social media to help.

What are the best hair colors for fall? 

The best hair colors for the fall will be your browns, plums, violets, dark reds, and copper . Try any of these colors with high lights, or ombré will suffice

I have a really round face. What’s the best hair cut for me? 

Round face hair cuts are not as difficult as it sounds. Short pixie cuts, bobs, and long layered cuts are all good for round face hair cuts. I would strongly suggest a consultation with your stylist before any services are rendered. This will ensure everyone is on the same page.

Celebs that will look great with short hair

Kerri Washington would totally be able to rock a pixie cut cropped to her face and Tamar Braxton looks good in any hairstyle.

What are the best accessories or makeup for short hair styles? 

  A bold matte lip, eyebrows filled in, earrings glasses, and sunglasses etc….

How do I choose the best stylist to cut my hair for the first time?

Definitely do a ton of research. Once you narrow it down to 2-3 stylists, go to a consultation with each one of them and from there you can see which stylist you had the best chemistry with and who understood the style you want.

Should I do my own partial? 

You should not do any chemical service on your own, leave that to the professional!


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