5 Essential Travel Must Haves for Girls with Short Hair

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Who doesn’t love a good vacation? We all need to unplug, unwind and visit somewhere new every now and then. While vacationing is the perfect time to neglect your email inbox, we short hair stunners know we can’t neglect our haircare and maintenance routines. Besides reminding yourself to grab your passport or to turn off your straightener, you’ll probably want to slow down and make sure to grab these few items before dashing out of the door.
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Silk/Satin Scarf: There is no better way to lock in moisture… Silk scarfs allow hair, especially relaxed short hair, to stay in place and lay smoothly. This will automatically leave those dry hair strands at the door.
Moisturizer: When traveling you can never underestimate the weather. Your new “do” can immediately become a big “no-no” once the climate gets into the mix. If you’re not checking a bag, be sure to purchase the appropriate travel size containers to take your go-to moisturizers with you for your stay.
Old Toothbrush: Whether you admit or not, there is aScreen Shot 2015-10-16 at 7.31.47 AMn old toothbrush hanging around your house doing absolutely nothing. It’s time to put it to use! It can be given the extremely important job of taming your baby hairs to perfection. The last thing you want to do is choose between fleeky edges or fresh breath.
Gel or Edge Control: These come in handy for those last minute mishaps. You’ve decided to get into the water after not fully thinking the entire situation through. Now your friends are ready and you’re, well—not quite there. But, have no fear, because those moments are exactly what edge control was created for. Even better is that it works well on both natural and relaxed hair.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 7.45.40 AMFlat Iron: There is always that one piece of hair that just won’t let you be great. Sometimes your flat iron can do the trick by giving you control of how you want your hair styled. Depending on where you’re going, be sure you have the correct outlet adapter so you’re able to put your iron to use!

Now you’re ready to enjoy your vacation and take it all in without worrying about your hair!

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