3 Insanely Cute Cuts for Kids

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You’re a grown woman now and every once in a while, your hair often puts a little pep into your step. When you turned twenty something, you became brave enough to make the decision of changing things up and your hair was the first thing on the list.

But sometimes, you don’t have to be a grown woman who’s twenty something looking for a hair change! Sometimes you’re a little over 3ft. tall and cartoons are a must.

In case you’re a grown woman still indecisive about the big cut or you’re a mom hesitating on your daughter’s new hair request, indulge in these 3 short styles that may leave you a little more courageous and a tad bit jealous of the hair cuts these little ones are rocking.

The Pixie:


Photos via @nicole_sulee & @Caitlincutshair

Stars like Rihanna, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence have graced red carpets and TV screens rocking this simplistic hair cut. The pixie cut, also known as a little bit of hair and a whole lot of face only requires one thing: mommy’s approval.



The Bob/Lob:


Photos via @stylesbykat417 @Lorealyse_cosmo @vividhairandbody & @karenmakh

Oh! Even the kids know that this is a timeless cut! It’s four seasons approved and extremely fashion forward. The Bob or Lob leaves creative room for endless hairstyles that pop up in their big minds.


The “Lil” Grown Woman Cut:


Photo via @vividhairandbody

You’ve taught her to be independent and confident. So it’s no surprise that she’s requesting this head tuning edgy cut that requires a little bit of sass. Please be alarmed that this cut may lead to some fierce completion.



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