15 Unique Scalp Designs or Undercuts

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Any woman that can pull off a short cut with a unique design or an undercut has my vote for ‘Badass of the Year.’ I even decided to join the fun this summer when I rocked an undercut with a deep part.

@DalliseYou can rock a simple design with a side part or get creative with out of the box designs on the sides or as an undercut. Keeping these hairstyles feminine with a beat face and a hot outfit, will have all your friends talking for a while.

If you aren’t about the short hair lifestyle, you can even retain length by adding an undercut to your long hair. Girls love throwing their long hair in buns to show off their undercuts for everyone to see. A woman’s beauty isn’t defined by her hair but her personality is definitely shown by it. Keep showing your personality and doing you stunners!


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